The Mythological Gardens of Eleusis

The project for Elevsis Cultural Capital of Europe was completed and opened to the public on September 16 2023

The Mythological Gardens of Eleusis are transforming the abandoned site of the Iris factory into a flourishing ecological world. The central idea is to transform the desolate and abandoned industrial landscape of the Iris factory into a fertile garden which recreates the narrative of ancient mythology and at the same time connects art and science.

A number of plant beds with 32 plants and trees in total have created a small botanical world referring not only to the myths and mysteries of Demeter as the Olympian goddess of harvesting, agriculture and fertility of earth but also to other mythologies of the ancient world. The history of plants is the inspiration for the text created by the artistic director Brian Michaels, based on the garden originally designed by the famous botanist Peter Pretscher.

The first performance featured the well known Greek actor Andreas Constantinou and the internationally renowned Palestinian actor Nisren Faour .